Hi and welcome to Candid Photography. My name is Jason Nolan and I am founder and photographer for the business. I set up Candid Photography in 2013 (lucky for me) after working for a number of years as an assistant photographer. During that time I realised that more and more clients were asking for candid photographs and truly valued the images that captured those magical moments. This is why I chose the name and the .me domain name, because it’s about you not the photographer. Photography for me is telling a story with images and in my opinion candid photography can encapsulate the true emotions of an event such as a wedding more powerfully than posed photography can. When I shoot a wedding I am always looking for those moments and love nothing more than getting a good shot with no intervention.

In saying that, I also love portraiture and the art behind beautiful posing and lighting. When I do portraits I use these techniques to ensure poses are natural looking and flattering. I try to bring out your best and create interesting and captivating images that people will love. I also adopt a less-is-more attitude to the portrait session so that you spend less time with me and more time with your friends and family.

So feel free to browse my site, check out my samples and pricing page, and have a read of the blog. Click on the buttons below if you’d like to connect socially and keep up to date with all latest news, offers, and the odd new photograph too! If you would like to find out more or make an enquiry head over to the contact page or simply fill out the booking enquiry form. And remember, if you think photography, think Candid Photography.me