Croagh Patrick 2014 - Mayo Photography

Date: 27th July 2014

By Jason Nolan

Today is Reek Sunday, where people from all over the country travel to Mayo to climb Croagh Patrick. A couple of days ago I decided to document the climb with my camera and tell the story of the day with images, and I couldn’t be happier with the result! As I approached Westport this morning, just before 8am, a large dark cloud loomed ominously over the mountain in the distance, not a good sign I thought. I arrived in Murrisk, parked and slung my camera over my shoulder and gazed up at the thick cloud covering the top, and just like a wedding day, i hoped that the rain would stay away!

After a few minutes the sun broke through and I was able to take a couple of nice shots. The sun was still fairly low in the sky so the light had a nice warm tone. This lasted for roughly half the journey, until I reached the steep rocky stretch where that angry looking cloud rendered the sky completely grey. On the way up I met some interesting characters and tried my best to pull off a few candid shots where I could! Near the summit it reminded me of a zombie movie as dark figures trudged through the thick fog, suddenly I realise I’ve reached the top, visibility is poor, no chance of a landscape photo here! I sipped a lovely cup of tea and rested my legs while in the distance I heard a helicopter.

The helicopter got louder, and louder, and seemed like it was mearly feet away it was so loud, it turned out it was. The helicopter appeared though the grey and landed. Then something amazing happened, the force of the propellers cleared the clouds and the sky became clear! Great, grab the camera, watch the tea, quick get to the choppa! I pulled off a few shots of the helicopter, so cool and military looking and after that I was able to get a couple of nice landscapes too.

Then it was time to sit down with mum and dad (they came up the "back way") for a couple of sandwiches before heading back down. At this stage my desire for taking photographs had dwindled somewhat but I did get a couple more before meeting an old friend and heading home for a hot shower, tea, and some photo editing. Hope you enjoy the photographs!

pilgrims climbing croagh patrick Mayo father and son having a break at croagh patrick mayo mayo man on the phone pilgrims climbing the reek A Mayo man with a feather hat mayo man with pink rucksack mayo man with a stick climbing the reek black and white dog A photographer standing on mayo mountain Man sitting on a rock with a cowboy hat People climbing Croagh Patrick 2014 in westport county Mayo blurred motion A line of people climing the reek The Derrigs People climbing Croagh Patrick near the top A steep descent from the top of Croagh Patrick in the West of ireland A longford man looking tired as he looks to the top of Croagh Patrick figures disapearing into the fog Shadowy figures appreading at the top of the holy mayo mountain a helicopter appears from the mist Mountain Rescue at the top near the church Mountain resceue a casualty on Croagh patrick helicopter preparing to take flight Helicopter in the sky People gathered for mass at the summit of Croagh Patrick County Mayo clew bay view from the reek A view of clew bay Mum and Dad Dad and me A pilgrim walks barefoot An old man with a peak cap climbing View from Westport County Mayo

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